An online M.Ed. removes barriers from path to becoming a principal

Many experienced teachers find that their personality and skill set are better matched for jobs outside of the PreK-12 classroom. They recognize the important work done within the classroom but aspire to careers in administration and jobs such as principal and assistant principal. A challenging yet rewarding profession, building-level leadership often leads to higher pay and an opportunity to have a different type of impact on the school. Obtaining a master’s degree is a required first step in the journey to becoming a principal. One of your best, time-saving options is to earn an M.Ed. in Educational Leadership – Principal online. Pursuing a degree online enables you to study while keeping your current job.

What are the responsibilities of a principal?

If you are curious about how to become a principal, you should first consider everything this position entails. While this is a renowned position, it is also requires you to perform many tasks. Principals are responsible for the total operation of the school. A principal is often expected to:

  • Provide leadership and guidance for teachers and school administrators
  • Define academic goals for the school
  • Spearhead initiatives to increase student achievement
  • Manage and allocate financial resources
  • Be the point person for all school safety issues
  • Work with the school district and state education agencies
  • Communicate with parents and other community members and groups

Qualifications for becoming a principal

? Becoming a licensed teacher and gaining substantial teaching experience is are the first steps towards becoming a principal. Experience in the classroom gives you the firm foundation required to become a true instructional leader in the school. It also communicates to the teachers that you understand the pressures and responsibilities they face every day.

Taking on available leadership roles while teaching also prepares you to someday step into a principal position. This involves joining or chairing committees and contributing your ideas.

After you’ve put in the teaching time, a crucial next step is pursuing a master’s degree focused on educational leadership. After you’ve earned a master’s degree and a school administrator license, then you’re ready to apply for principal jobs.

Advantages of an online master’s degree program

If your goal is to become a principal, you should consider pursuing an M.Ed. in Educational Leadership – Principal online. Reputable online master’s degree programs provide a number of benefits to the busy teaching professional, including the following:

  • There’s no need to commute, pay fuel costs, search for parking spots, or spend time in a classroom
  • You can pursue your master’s degree while continuing to build teaching experience
  • Obtaining your master’s degree online can be an inexpensive way to earn your degree
  • You don’t have to worry about where the campus is located, which allows you to select the program that is most suitable for you

Many teachers looking to advance their careers want to know how to become a principal. For some, the largest hurdle can be obtaining a master’s degree, but online learning can create an accessible path to career advancement and a fulfilling leadership position.


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