Four jobs for an M.Ed. in Educational Leadership – Teacher Leader

If you’re a teacher looking to advance your career, you may want to consider a teacher leadership degree. This is a master’s degree for teachers that can prepare you for a variety of higher paying jobs in the education field. Obtaining this degree is one of the best ways to fast-track your career. It is now possible to earn this type of degree online. An online Master of Education in Educational Leadership can be a convenient way to prepare yourself for any of the following jobs.

Master Teacher

Different states and schools define Master Teacher in different ways, but this title is usually applied to teachers who have demonstrated exceptional abilities, both in the classroom and in administrative capacities. Master Teachers often are expected to take on more responsibilities than most teachers. This may include creating a better learning environment, evaluating student progress, and demonstrating thorough knowledge of the subjects they teach. A teacher leadership degree is solid preparation for the Master Teacher designation.

Mentor teacher

Another job that a teacher leadership degree can prepare you for is that of mentor teacher. This is a teacher who consults with and advises other teachers and helps them improve their performance. New teachers can make faster progress with good mentors. The same is true for more experienced teachers who may be struggling in certain areas. A mentor teacher needs patience and empathy as well as a thorough understanding of what it takes to excel in the classroom.

Curriculum facilitator

Curriculum facilitators have a variety of responsibilities, and a teacher leadership degree program can provide a foundation of the necessary skills to succeed in this type of role. Curriculum facilitators may be expected to:

  • Act as a consultant for multiple schools in a district
  • Develop course content and material for teachers
  • Help schools incorporate the latest technology into the classroom
  • Facilitate department meetings
  • Oversee budgets
  • Provide leadership regarding department goals

Department chair

With a teacher leadership degree, you can gain the expertise necessary to fulfill the responsibilities of a department chair, which is another educational career position that necessitates training and leadership skills. Duties of a department chair may include:

  • Providing leadership for the department in terms of defining goals and missions
  • Interpreting school policies in areas such as admission and discipline
  • Mentoring and supporting teachers and other administrators in the department
  • Managing school budgets
  • Evaluating the performance of teachers and other staff within the department

A teacher leadership degree can provide teachers with a way to gain many valuable skills as well as the credentials they need to obtain a position of leadership. Whether you want to become a more skilled and better paid teacher or you are seeking an administrative position, this type of degree can help you reach your goals.


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