Earn a Terminal Degree Without a Thesis

Teachers and educators have many options for furthering their career. Some choose to complete a master’s degree but continue teaching. Some teachers pursue department leadership roles. Others find school- and/or district-level leadership roles appealing. For individuals aspiring to serve in broader administrative capacities after completing their master's degrees, an education specialist degree is an excellent option. This program can be completed in either face-to-face or online settings.

The education specialist degree (Ed.S.) is a step beyond a master’s degree. It is considered to be a terminal degree in education as most credits from these programs do not transfer to a doctoral program. Within the Ed.S. program, a student can specialize in several areas, such as administration or technology.

The completion of the Ed.S does not require a thesis, which can be appealing to those students who do not have the time or inclination to complete a dissertation, but want to move into roles that carry more leadership responsibilities, or those who wish to pursue administrative roles such as that of principal or superintendent.

An Ed.S. can be completed online, which can help educators achieve their higher educational goals while also offering flexibility and convenience. Students can continue working while taking courses, saving them time and money. An online program also offers an opportunity to directly and immediately apply what they are learning to their existing school settings.

The education specialist degree is an attractive option for educators looking to boost their knowledge within a specific educational area. It can be an important step for those wishing to move into administrative roles at both the school and district levels. The degree is offered in traditional and online formats, with online programs offering many benefits for busy educators. In either case, this terminal degree in education is an excellent way for teachers to work toward their career goals.

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