Become a teacher leader with an online master’s degree

Educational leadership programs help teachers play a meaningful role in the successful operation of a school. Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Educational Leadership – Teacher Leader programs are designed to equip teachers with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions they need to become effective role models within their schools and school districts. With an online M.Ed. in Educational Leadership – Teacher Leader, more career opportunities may open up for you.

Becoming a teacher leader

As the responsibilities of school administrators continue to grow, the need for teachers to assume leadership positions is becoming more evident. If you are interested in becoming a teacher leader, you may want to consider an online M.Ed. program. The structure of an online program provides the flexibility and affordability to balance your personal and professional responsibilities, while working toward your master’s degree. A 30-credit master’s level teacher leader program is ideal as it can be earned 100% online in less than two years. Admission to this type of teacher leader program may be dependent upon the cumulative GPA of your undergraduate program.

Teacher leader roles & skills

A teacher leader is not a principal, although the position can be considered a stepping stone to that career path. Individuals with an M.Ed. in Educational Leadership are better qualified for positions such as instructional specialist, curriculum facilitator, department chair, or data coach. Some important qualities that are essential for a teacher leader to possess are:

  • Analytical skills – teacher leaders review overall student progress by examining test scores as well as teaching strategies so as to recommend improvements in curriculum and teaching
  • Communication skills – teacher leaders need to have the ability to communicate changes in the curriculum and teaching standards to teachers, principals and school staff
  • Interpersonal skills – as a teacher leader, maintaining positive interpersonal relationships with colleagues is essential for working and collaborating successfully
  • Leadership skills – teacher leaders serve as mentors to other teachers as well as students, recommending teaching strategies to other teachers that will improve the way students learn

With a master’s degree in hand, you are more qualified to assume leadership positions across a broad range of educational institutions.

Outlook of a teacher leader

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, there is a positive outlook for career growth in teacher leadership over the next few years. Another benefit of teacher leadership is the potential to earn a higher salary. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the median salary of teacher leaders in 2012 was $60,050.

While many schools offer high-quality online M.Ed. in Educational Leadership programs, they can differ in breadth of offered courses and areas of specialization. This is why it is important for prospective students to make sure the teacher leader program of interest matches their specific needs.


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